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Rough Itinerary

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Here's the rough itinerary of our six month trip.

We got a one way plane ticket to Hong Kong, where we'll be spending the Chinese New Year. Then off to Manila, where we'll spend some quality time with family and friends. After which we've booked a plane ticket to Ho Chi Minh.

Now this is where it gets murky. As of this writing, we haven't booked any hotels in Vietnam, nor do we have a plan in place. Go north, my friend, go north. What we do have is an approval letter for a 3 month visa.

Then after exploring Vietnam, we plan to visit Myanmar... which I'm hoping would stay stable.

Then off to Mongolia, taking the Trans-Mongolian railway to the Trans-Siberian railway towards Moscow and St. Petersburg.

But after chatting with my wonderful co-workers, we might just switch direction and go to India and Central Asia (do a little bit of the Silk Road) instead.

We'll see where the wind blows...

"Insufficient facts always invite danger." -- Spock

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